30 November 2009

Mixing it up!

Mixing it up!

Ok at least its only two weeks now, I know I’m slack but bear with me I’m in deep! We have just started mixing this week with Steve Dub which is going really well. It is really exciting, I finally feel now like there is light at the end of the tunnel! It has been a long and winding road making this record and finally knowing that we’re near the end and hearing the first few tracks mixed is such a high! Finally hearing the fruits of the past two years having been so deep in it is such an amazing experience, we have been putting the final touches on 3 tracks this week “Natural Selection” with The Black Angels, “Caged Bird” featuring the vocals of Katrina Ford who sings in a band called Celebration and who also sang with TV On The Radio on “Wolf Like Me” and “Another Night Out” featuring the mighty Mark Lanegan. Hopefully we’ll have another five done next week so I’ll let you know how it goes....
Since I last reached out I’ve had a couple of amazing dj gigs including Club Midi in Cluj, Romania and Paradiso in Amsterdam which was fucking incredible - it was Earth’s tenth anniversary and my brother’s girlfriends birthday so 14 of us hit the club and it could not of been better great crowd amazing production and a really fun night to play, I went off to the Isle of Man on Friday and was intrigued before I went as I hadn’t been before. It was great – had a good night there and then again in London on Saturday at Ministry where I played with Agoria.
We now have a release date for the Heavy drug remixes which is the 27th of December again that’s King Unique, Steve Mac and Future Beat Alliance. The mixes will be available from both I-tunes and Beatport. They might take slightly longer to go up on I Tunes in the US but fear not they will be available there too soon! They should be available on Beatport in the US on the 27th though. We also found out that Heavy Drug is going to be used in an episode of Skins in 2010 so listen out for that!

Check digweed rocking the kingunique mix on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZKNTEmWp1U
So apart from generally being locked in the studio I had a great night out with my 12 year old daughter at the O2 getting jiggy to Beyonce. She was dope! Fuck that girl can dance!! I’ve also been putting finishing touches to the artwork which is looking really beautiful its very different from before as its photographic based but with a twist, very psychedelic and other-worldly!
Right I’m out of here – it was a long weekend and need some downtime!

For some entertainment check out MGMT and all the other bands on Yo Gabba Gabba on you tube, Natalie Portman rapping on Saturday night live and our ex monitor engineer Dan trying to fly at a recent Faith No More gig oh my god its hilarious!!!!..........

http://s562.photobucket.com/albums/ss69/flaminglips515/?action=view&current=artiseverywhere.flv – MGMT on Yo Gabba Gabba

http://www.youtube.com/user/yogabbagabba?blend=1&ob=4#p/u - Yo Gabba Gabba’s You Tube Channel

Yo Gabba Gabba’s website = http://yogabbagabba.com/#

Natalie Portman Rap = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpMPFGBtE7Q

Watch out for Dan Buckley at 2:35 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eU3lX5Vj_G0

13 November 2009

Coming Up For Air

Coming up for air!!!!

Is it a bird is it a plane no its Lavelle’s blog!!! All I can say is sorry had to disappear for a while. I’ve been in the rabbit hole and finally I’m coming up for air! Hope all you folks are all good and still interested in what’s happening in the kaleidoscopic world of UNKLE.

So what’s been happening? We have been locked deep in the studio essentially driving ourselves mad trying to finish the new record. It’s been a difficult process and that’s why I had to bail for a while trying to make sense of the puzzle we have created basically trying to get the pieces to fit and finally its all starting to make sense. The last time I reached out to you I was off to New York for some r and r which was great. Since coming back it’s been recording and travelling all the way. Throughout the last three month’s journey we have worked on around 28 tracks which we have now whittled down to fifteen, recorded in every way technically possible from our studio, to others and via the internet. We’ve recorded strings with The Heritage Orchestra, worked on artwork with Ben Drury, Warren and Nick and seen a few shows to keep us sane including Massive Attack, The Big Pink, The Cult, Dark Horses, Spiritualised, seen some good art shows Anosh Kappor, Show Studios, Alex Box and Jonas Burget. I’ve played some dope parties (Fabric in particular springs to mind) seen some good movies: District Nine, Up, Whatever Works and watched some great TV shows: the new Dexter, True Blood, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Life etc.

We’ve had some great studio visits: Noel Gallagher (what a funny motherfucker!), Nick Nicely (yes the 80’s psychedelic maestro)! Russell Amos Toys - what a legend, worked on music for the new Paul Williams movie ‘Cherry Tree Lane”...that film is gonna fuck your head up!!! . We made a new mix CD of remixes of UNKLE for McQueen, and a special UNKLE DJ mix for Playstation 3’s “Home” avatar game. We’ve put together some remixes for heavy drug which will be out next month mixes coming from King Unique, Steve Mac, Future Beat Alliance and Fergie all of which I’ve been hammering in my DJ sets lately and trying ever so hard to finish the new LP!!! So regarding that.... here’s the deal: it’s gonna be mastered on Dec 15th so until then that’s where our focus lies. The album title is “Where Did The Night Fall” but gonna keep it tight re collaborators for the time being but will keep you posted but if you fancy hearing a new cut come see me DJ I’ve been opening my set with a collaboration with the Black Angels re others like I said I’ll let you know.

Oh yeah and if you fancy some New Years Eve Mediterranean action then come and join me and Sasha at Athenaeum Intercontinental Athens,. It is gonna be a big one! I’m going to be recording some vocals today and then I have a big weekend DJing in Romania and Amsterdam. Oh yeah and I won’t disappear on you again, I just needed a bit of space to breath, so until next week keep an open mind!! lol Jx

Click on the photos at the top to link through to the photo albums. The ones in the Drum Drops studio were taken by Graham Fox.

28 August 2009



For those in the USA who have been trying to buy Heavy Drug - here's the low down.

This was meant to have gone on sale in the USA the same day it was released in the UK via Beatport. As far as we were aware this had gone up as planned however upon reading your comments we got our management in the US to check it was definitely available via Beatport before we started directing you to it and subsequently discovered that it wasn't!

We got straight on to our distributor and asked for this to be resolved and have been informed that this is now up.


Thanks for keeping us informed.


21 August 2009



What's up?

My mind has gone into musical meltdown after our West Heath Studio sessions so I'm getting out of dodge for a week for some headspace. Heading to NY with my daughter to catch up with friends hit some new movies (District 9 and Up head the list) and go upstate to the beach for a couple of days and stay away from music for a minute!

When I return I'll fill you in on all the collaborations and where we're at and finally get all the videos and photos up from the recording sessions.

Until then be well,


12 August 2009

Deep In The Trenches...

Deep In The Trenches...

Sorry late again!!! We're currently in mad lock down in West Heath Studios. We have been working like crazy, it's very intense! We have been working on about 17 tracks and recorded vox with myself, Lisa, Gavin, Joel and others!!! We've also been recording all the parts as much as we can whilst we're here with Chris Goss. Whilst it is going well it can be very intense at times; sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind as there is so much going on, particularly knowing that we have to then go back and finish the main and best tracks afterwards so all in all feeling pretty overwhelmed at the moment. I have not had time for any thing else apart from studio lock down recently apart from True Blood series 2 which has been saving my sanity!!!

No it's all good just got to keep focused so bear with me and I'll hit you back when everything has settled down a bit and I'll get all the photos and videos up as soon as I get back into the real world......



05 August 2009


Thank you to everyone for the support. I just heard the awesome news that my Global Underground Bangkok mix comp hit #1 in the US iTunes store!

- James

30 July 2009

Out of Hiding

Out Of Hiding

Apologies to all for my absence over the last month it has been pretty crazy. Planes, trains and studios and a flu I’ve just not been able to shake off.

So what’s been going on in my world?

I think from where we last left off the first main thing that happened is that I spent time in Brighton recording drums with Mike Pelanconi of Drum Drops’ fame (the motherfucking beatman) and two drummers who will feature on most of the tracks on the new album: Graham Fox the Joe Strummer of hitters from his look, voice and his attitude and Joshua Block of White Denim fame. I spent a total of nine days, between myself Pablo and James locked in a bunker experiencing moments of ‘Das Boat’ towards the end, recording all the new drums for the record, a truly amazing experience even if slightly brain damaging after hearing the beats for 12 hrs a day! Luckily there were a few breaks for me including Ibiza with Carl Cox in which I played at the opening of his night on the terrace at Space, which as always was great. That said you could definitely feel that the island nightlife is hurting this season. I thought Tiesto’s unannounced free gig on the same night was a pretty low blow but a sign of the times. A lot of what that island is becoming club wise is not what I remember about the good times.

After that I was in London for a bit whilst Lorna worked with Nike on an INSA show at the 1948 space. It was good to catch up with a lot of old friends on the opening night, a lot of old school Mo Wax heads who I’ve not seen for a long time and it was good fun watching my daughter helping spray paint logos pre the show. Next up saw Lisa’s band “Dark Horses” support Kasabian at Brixton Academy – she is truly talented and I was really impressed as it was one of her first shows, the music sounded amazing especially her voice. It was a great visual show as well.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time during this period working on new artwork ideas with Ben, Warren and Nick. I met up with Paul Williams the director of London to Brighton about working on his new film and I recorded Phillip Sheppard for the new Vertu ringtones, which we have created the music for. It is currently being mixed.

I went to see Oasis at Wembley the other week, which is always a good laugh, Noel was as hospitable as ever. Then after that I played Ministry of Sound for the GU CD launch with Agoria. This was the first time I have ever played the main room there and I have to admit I have been slightly dubious about playing there in the past but I had an amazing night. The crowd were great and I was surprised by how open minded they were – there was a really fun energy in the room, great hospitality and great to see Sebastian – it has been too long since we have played together and it always works really well.

We are putting out “Heavy Drug” as a single in August; the version, which is on GU’s Bangkok CD out soon. I have been doing promo and getting remixes together and also doing press for global underground including radio interview and magazine shit!

Most recently over the weekend I spent Saturday at my best girl friend’s wedding so congratulations and ever lasting love to Kate and Ed a truly amazing day. Also having the honour to watch my daughter being a bridesmaid. I couldn’t keep the tears back! This was followed obviously by a long day of drinking in the sun with friends and family. Then Sunday straight to Murcia in Spain for an MTV event with myself, Placebo and James Murphy. It was a strange night, long journey from Wales to find myself in front of 15000 people as Placebo had pulled out half way through their gig. My set got really messed around so it was hard to keep a focus but I think I pulled through. It was nice to see James Murphy. It has been a while – I haven’t seen him since Australia last January. Then it was straight through to get a flight at 7.30am to go back to London to work with Warren and Nick on the beginning of the album artwork which we shot at Nig Sky studios for two days. All I can say is that involved two beautiful semi naked girls, a host of serial and psychedelic sets, great costumes by Boudica, music and hair from the French maestro Raffe and crazy make up via Alex and of course a lot of weed to help one through the days all in all a pretty good Monday and Tuesday!

Also Monday Chris Goss arrived. The guitar Buddha is in town to help start us on our journey as we are trying to craft our madness. I spent yesterday working with Gavin, today getting into guitars and working with Joe Cadbury and tomorrow we are going to work on some of my songs, Saturday in with Lisd and Monday we are into Edwyn Collin’s studio. The adventure begins…

So I promise I’ll be back next week. Gonna hit you with a load of studio photos from both recording and from photo shoot sessions and things along the way but I will leave you with this rather entertaining photo montage courtesy of Pablo and Maff.

As you can see this is the type of thing I have to deal with on a daily basis. Enjoy!

PS - Get well soon Adam Yauch.

16 July 2009



Sorry, sorry, sorry for the lack of communication recently!

The last few weeks have been a blur of trains, planes and studios. I 'll hit you up very very soon with a full update.

Love James

26 June 2009

The King Is Dead

The King is dead. Long live the king: Michael Jackson RIP.
Fuck! Another one bites the dust!

Since our last blog I shot off to Athens for the weekend to play the Ejekt Festival for the third year in a row, closing after Two Many DJs. It was fucking amazing! I want to thank everybody who was there; the crowd was off the hook as usual. Athens has definitely got to be one of my favourite cities in the world. I spent the next day eating seafood and swimming in the sea, watching the sun come down followed by the most amazing waffle and ice cream restaurant - a spectacle I’ve never seen in any country before: about 1000 people out just wallowing in ice cream delight – the perfect way to end an amazing weekend.

Then it was back into the studio. I’ve had a a really productive week. I’ve been working on some of mine and Gavin’s tracks, including a vocal version of “Heavy Drug” which is on the mix comp, then I met up with a really talented video director – Anthony Dickenson who is definitely doing some really cool shit. You should check him out. He has been working with my wife on some really interesting projects. I also had some meetings about potential soundtracks one in particular which would be cool as this would allow us to work on some hip hop tracks which Pablo and I would love to do because we have all these tracks at the moment which would really suit rappers but don’t really fit the direction of the new album, so who knows? This could be a really interesting proposition - I’ll keep you posted.

I then spent yesterday working with Lisa who joined us at the end of the last tour. You should check out her band “Dark Horses” - www.myspace.com/darkhorsesofficial who are absolutely amazing and have just recorded a new record with Richard Fearless. They have been opening for Kasabian recently. Lisa is one of the most talented singers I have met in a long time. We worked on a few tracks which have come out great so it has been really productive and exciting.

Today I am off to meet up with Warren and Nick regarding album artwork. We are in the process of coming up with ideas for both images and packaging and then we’ll be chilling.

I am playing Inverness tomorrow and then back in the studio on Monday with Gavin.

Also I thought you might like to see the covershot and track listing for the forthcoming global mix.....

Have a good week. Until next time!

24 June 2009

Tonight - The Other Club @ Mau Mau Bar W11

Just want to send a quick message out to say check this night out:

It's called The Other Club, on the last Wednesday of every month at Mau Mau bar 265 Portobello Rd W11. It's in association with Honest Jon's Records and The Trilogy Tapes ( Will Bankheads label ). Flyer attached. DJ's coming up are Mark Ainley ( Honest Jons ) Alan Schofield ( Honest Jons ) Will Bankhead ( The Trilogy Tapes ) Joe Goddard ( Hot Chip ) Jagger ( The Other Club ) Toby Etheridge ( The Other Club ) and more special guests each month.

8-12 Free


18 June 2009


Fuck me it has been a mad couple of weeks! Firstly I want to thank everybody that came down to Sankeys in Manchester, that shit blew my mind, crowd were incredible and the atmosphere beyond! Definitely one of the best gigs of the year. I just wanted to reach out to Jeff from Black Marquee, his mother died two weeks ago and I just wanted to send all my love. It was good to see him in Manchester when I was there.

Manchester was then followed by Cluj in Romania for a proper after hour’s underground session, again just one of those really special nights. Got to say though, I am pretty sick of sitting in airports waiting for lay over’s but it is worth it when you get to play in such great places.

The back in the studio, we are writing away, things are moving on, vocals are getting done, tracks are progressing, more keyboards are being bought, bla bla bla. I will keep you posted as soon as there is some more concrete information on what is happening.

Then spent a long weekend in Bangkok for the Global party at Club 808. Had a great time, the club and crowd were awesome. I was so surprised how up for it and eclectic their musical taste was. We did seem a bit cursed though as every time we tried to do photo shoots for the record we were hit by tropical thunder storms. It was a definite assault on the senses for three days. But any way looks like that whole record is wrapped up - cover done, party done - check press for details.

On a record note, watch out for the remix we have done for Big Pink 'Too Young to Love' and our exclusive 'Heavy Drug' track for the comp. They have really been blowing up in the clubs. I am so pleased with the reaction. I hope you are going to dig them.

So there is news RE Surrender Arts. After the last 4 years as some of you may know we have decided to change tactics. No more regular lines, there is a sale currently on the site, I suggest you check it out and as things develop I will let you know what our future projects will evolve. I want to thank all those that have been involved over the last 4 years but as I said we all think it is time for a bit of change.

I want to say a very very very very big thank you to my wonderful assistant Charlene who is sadly moving on to better things. She has put up with me for the past 4 years and I just wanted to send her all my love and wish her well on her journey.

Lastly off to Greece for the weekend, playing with Soulwax which has been a while so really looking forward to that. Thats about it for now - until next time!!

PS - Here are a selection of photos from Manchester - like I said off the hook!

Sankeys, Manchester

05 June 2009


Firstly I want to apologize to anybody who turned up to T Bar in Liverpool Street last night. Due to a miss communication on our end we confused the dates and put July's provisional date in June by mistake. Again I would like to apologize to anyone who came down and especially to the T Bar. We are looking to re schedule a date in September, hopefully we can make it a special one.

Next - don't go and see Terminator!! What a horror - can't believe how much they fucked that one up!

As far as what's been going on in my life, we've been still writing in the studio, nothing much to say on that level other than we are heads down and cracking on. I wrote a new column for URB which should be out next week. Global has been totally put to bed now so track listing should follow soon.

I've got a really hectic weekend but really looking forward to it. Manchester tonight and Romania tomorrow. Going to be a long one. And then next week I am off to Bangkok to play the Global gig which I am really looking forward to so I will let you know how it goes. As far as everything else all quiet on the western front.

Until next week - Later.

PS There is a couple of shots from where me and Gavin were writing in Ibiza, you can see why we went, the perfect head space for lyrics!

Click on the photo below to view more.

Writing in Ibiza

28 May 2009

Good Times!

Sorry for my disappearing act last week but I was immersed in the wonders of rural Ibiza! Myself and Gavin spent an amazing 5 days at my friends house in the hills writing new songs for the album. It was a very special experience having long days, beautiful weather, set in the most exquisite of locations high up looking over the tops of trees, filling in the blanks of songs that we have been penning for the new album. It also allowed me to finish off the Global album and really allowed me to solidify the concept for the record. Essentially a sunset to sunrise experience - I think I mentioned before - but sitting there actually listening back in such an amazing place, it really works in that way.

Hence that is why the album will be set in Bangkok. The perfect sunrise to sunset location. I will be out there playing on June 12th at Club 808. It's going to be a pretty interesting experience as it is definitely going into the unknown for me but think it suits the music perfectly. The release date is July 27th and I will let you know the track listing as soon as it is totally confirmed as I am just waiting for the last of the licensees to be confirmed, but as I said it is a pretty eclectic journey there are some new exclusives by UNKLE including our new Big Pink remix and a track called 'Heavy Drug' which is a instrumental very euphoric club cut which will be on our new album but in a more live form. It also includes records both past and present favorites of mine over the last four years and things that have been recently blowing up the spot!

So from there got back to pretty heavy bank holiday weekend. Brixton on the Saturday - got to say, not really feeling London right now! And then Southampton boat party on the Sunday which has to be one of the best gigs this year. The promoters were fantastic, the atmosphere and people were amazing - I want to thank everyone for coming, especially Rebecca, Andy and the hotel crew! I had such an amazing time, to the point where I didn't come back until the following day. It is definitely what the best of clubbing is all about.

And then back in the studio this week to finish of the last of demos to be sent off to collaborators. Pretty much ground hog day! I think next week we will start getting into putting more vocals down and start taking these tracks to the next stage. We've been also looking at studios to record in, looks like we are going to spend two weeks in Edwyn Collins studio in north London which is analogue heaven. More synths and outboard gear than the empires got storm troopers! I think the plan is to spend the end of July and the beginning of August recording, mixing over September/October and out for February - but don't hold me to it - you know how it goes!

Looking forward to the weekend, playing in Lithuania, Eastern Europe is always a gas. And on a last note Happy Birthday to Lorna.

I thought also you might enjoy a few recent photographs just to add a little bit of colour to my blog, they are from Matthew Puffet, my best friend and long time touring partner who will be keeping us up to date with a bit of tour and studio nonsense. Click on the images below to view more photos.

Birthday Gig in Minsk

High Tide Boat Party, Southampton


Thanks guys have a great weekend and until next week enjoy!

15 May 2009

All Mixed Up

OK, firstly Happy Birthday James Griffith - another year, another day!

So, been manic in the studio the last week putting Global together which I am finishing today - Halleluiah! Two discs, the first is pretty eclectic from Radiohead to James Holden with Doves to The Big Pink. The second CD is more club from Dubfire to Radio Slave. The idea is that it pretty much runs as one continuous DJ set and represents how I play over a 2 and a half hour time period. Pretty happy with it. Just going to live with it over the weekend and hopefully master it next week for a July release. Details of track listing and city to be released soon. You will be the first to know. Oh yeah and there is an exclusive new UNKLE track on there!

Other than that, still working on demos. Hooked up with a great new band this week called Sleepy Sun. Their live show was absolutely amazing - their debut is out now. Thoroughly recommend it! They are like a young Black Mountain. Hopefully we will do some tracks together.

Heard the new 'We Fell To Earth' album - it sounds great. Don't know when it is coming out but it will definitely be worth the wait.

I am off to Dublin tonight to DJ for the first time in a while which hopefully should be good and Ibiza on Sunday with Gavin to spend a week writing new songs and finishing existing tracks that we have worked on. Hopefully it will be productive and inspiring. To be honest with you I can't wait to get out of London for a bit - definitely got studio cabin fever at the moment!

Next week I will be blogging from there so until then have a good one!

08 May 2009

Broken Record

Hey people, hope all is good. I feel a bit like a broken record at the moment! Not much to talk about as all I have been doing is working on demos and Global. We have been making a lot of progress in the studio on the new album. Finishing potential track ideas for collaborators and working on our own songs, I've now got about 6 which I am working on myself. The Black Marquee session went well. It was nice to have a new dynamic in the studio. Needs work but a good start.

Also been trying to plan our schedule of recording, where we are going to record, who with ie engineers and studios etc, I will keep you posted as things develop but looks like we are recording over the end of the summer.

Been working on a Big Pink mix for the mix album which is sounding cool. If you haven't check them out. They are a great new band from London with Robbie Furze on vocals that played guitar on 'End Titles'. I'm going in over the weekend to put the Global album together and then spend the next week tweaking it. Track listing is looking pretty interesting, from Carl Craig to Radiohead. I'll let you know once it's done.

So yeah keeping my head in studio lock down.

Have a nice weekend,

01 May 2009

April Hangovers

The sun is still shining and I am so enjoying the Indian summer. So what is going on in UNKLE world?

Had an amazing weekend with 3D in Napoli, even though I am still convinced that the only reason he took me there is to convert me into a Napoli football supporter - which I have to say he very convincingly achieved! Seeing Inter-Milan versus Napoli at Napoli’s home stadium was one of the most amazing experiences of recent times. The energy and lust for life was truly inspiring. We also ate the most amazing food and drank far too much! Hence my title April hangovers! Ended up coming back on Monday to my best friend’s birthday... the alcohol kept flowing!

On a more creative note..... Demos, demos, demos! In the studio trying to make sense of the madness. We have finally started the collaborative process and worked the last two days with a great UK band, Black Marquee... train spotters alert! Two great kids from the north (the love’s still there!). Like I said in my last blog we are keen to work with new blood and what a great few days it’s been. I’ll keep you posted!

Long weekend (thank fuck for bank holidays!) and then Tuesday I embark on the Global Underground adventure.

Congratulations to Warren and Rachel Du Preez on the birth of their beautiful little girl Tily, what a gorgeous little girl, sending love and light to them all.

Otherwise pretty quiet on the UNKLE front, heads down and rolling on. I will let you know as things progress in the studio.

Have a good one

Love Lavelle

23 April 2009

The Other Side

The sun is shining, another beautiful day in London town, so the mood is very upbeat! Going to be quick as right in the middle of recording. Like I said just getting through demos, not much to say other than we are getting through it. We have also started sending a few tracks out to potential collaborators with a lot of positive response, so all good there. As soon as I have information to divulge then I will let you know.

On a sadder note an old friend passed away recently, Shawn Mortenson RIP. Great artist and long term friend, sadly it seems that a lot of good people have been lost this year. Just wishing him luck on the other side!

Went to see Richard File’s first ‘We Fell to Earth’ gig on Tuesday night. From the pirate airwaves to the ICA! It was a great show and I wish him all the best with his album and future touring. It was also good to see a few old heads that I have not seen for a while.

Other things that have been going on - getting my head into Global mix album, starting next week. Looks like the track listing is coming together even though I have got to say clearing records in is a fucking pain in the arse! Considering that you can download pretty much anything for free these days, I find it amazing sometimes how complicated it is to clear records in this day and age. And I am still waiting to confirm the city, I will let you know as soon as it is confirmed.

Got a cool weekend ahead. Back to the old school tomorrow as I am playing Oxford. It will be good to catch up with some old faces. And then off to Napoli with 3D for a boy’s weekend of serious food and drinking!

Oh yeah and tonight off to see The Big Pink at the ICA with after party to follow. I am sure tomorrow will be a slow day!

Have a great weekend – until next time!

17 April 2009


It’s all about the new trailer for ‘Bruno’, the new Sacha Baron Cohen film! It has had us in hysterics in the studio over the last few days and I cannot wait until it comes out in July. You’ve got to check it out.

I suppose the main news in my world is that I am going to do a new Global Underground mix CD. I am still to decide yet as to what city it is going to be from but as far as music goes the idea is that it is pretty eclectic, probably have a new UNKLE track exclusive, remixes and some re-edits. I am just trying to get the track listing into shape as we speak. I recently spent 10 days in Sri Lanka which gave me a lot of time to go through tons of new music in respect to the compilation.

What else?

Did a web chat with gig wise the other day which was fun. Thanks to all of those who got involved. Sorry if I didn’t answer everything but you can always hit me up again in the next few months when I do another chat.

I played Proud Gallery last night in Camden which was fun. I got to meet Mick Jones whilst playing Rock the Kasbah which was pretty cool. It was good to have a laugh after having to DJ last week with food poisoning which I thoroughly do not recommend – Oysters beware!
It has got me thinking about doing a regular night again in London. Something small, I quite like playing in Camden to a different kind of crowd and playing more eclectically. So me and Pablo are kicking some ideas around at the moment. Maybe trying to get him back into DJing again and us to do something together.

I’ve got a weekend off which I am looking forward to; I hope the weather holds out.

Have a good one!

13 April 2009

UNKLE Update

Hello. I have finally succumbed to the wonders of modern technology and thought it would be a good idea to start my first blog, especially as we are starting our new record. I thought it would be a good way to let you know what is going on in the wonderful and weird world of UNKLE.

We have been writing demos for the new record over the past four months, in our studio in London. Currently it has been myself, Pablo, James Griffith our bass player, and my brother Aidan so a pretty similar set up to how we did the End Titles record. We started the writing process off by recording some tracks in Henley in September last year whilst members of our band were still in the UK as an experiment to see how it would be to record in more of a band way than our typical previous sessions. Out of these sessions which consisted of myself, Pablo Clements, James Griffith, Joel Cadbury, Gavin Clark, Matt Pierce and Mike Lowry we came away with about nine tracks that definitely seemed like a new direction for potential new album material. We then came back to London and worked on the Redux record and finished touring etc and ended the year in a massive high doing the Heritage Orchestra show at Union Chapel – definitely my favourite show to date. The orchestra and visuals created by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones were just fucking awesome! We just posted some video footage on UNKLE.com, check it out.

So we started the New Year by writing as many new tracks as possible not thinking too much other than what felt right at the time. Last week we sat down and found that we have about 30 ideas that are worth pursuing in one form or another. I think the plan for the next few weeks is to start whittling the ideas down, getting more definition out of the tracks so that we can start the lyric and collaborative process. We are still trying to work out who we are going to work with but I think we all agree that we want to work with a batch of new artists as well as new songs by myself, Gavin and Lisa Lindley Jones who joined us towards the end of our tour last year.

It feels really exciting as we have a blank canvas to work from. I think after doing all the different records from the past two years which range in so much different style it allows us in this record to be very free. The main thing that I really want to try and achieve in the music is something that feels more uplifting and optimistic than previous records. An eclectic psychedelic trip is what is going around my head. Demos are a real mixture of styles ranging from more electronic influences to heavy rock grooves. It is also important that we make something we can take out live.

So there you go, I will keep you posted on how we progress. Pablo has been going mad as usual buying shit loads of analogue gear so there are lots of new toys to play with in the studio which is adding a lot to the recording process, even though I feel sometimes we spend more time trying to work out how something works than actually recording, but hey it all adds to the fun!

Really happy how the Heaven video has been going down. Working with Ty and Spike on that has been awesome and the response out there is great. The recent remixes have seemed to make a positive impact in the clubs as well.

I’ve also started a column in URB Magazine in America. My first in a very long time, not since writing with Straight no Chaser and ID Magazine in the 90s, it’s called ‘Living In My Headphones’ which will come out quarterly over the next year.

So there you go, that’s what has been going on in my world. I will keep you posted as to my progress.

Thanks for all the support.