05 August 2009


Thank you to everyone for the support. I just heard the awesome news that my Global Underground Bangkok mix comp hit #1 in the US iTunes store!

- James


  1. Downloaded it earlier (from the iTunes front page, no less!). It really is rather good. Probably better than the last mix but time will tell. I'm not really in to Animal Collective (they seem to be doing better in the states than they are in the UK) but The Big Pink sound like they could be great and brilliant choice with Doves. Can't believe they didn't make the final selection for the Mercury prize - awards aren't everything.

  2. Liked The whole mix very much! bravo, James! and thanks!

  3. This mix inspires me, James. Serious, penetrative, awesome. Inspires so much, that I'm trying to collect the whole idea of it (images/movements). Feel like you guide me through the history of music. past-present-future. brain explodes – soul ejects.
    Very Important personally for me! What feelings/images inspired you to knit sounds this way? I love to understand life through your music mindvision (the whole Unkle & You).
    Thanks for all.
    Bangkok mix VERY great!

  4. Hi James. Greetings from Russia.
    The mix is just amazing - i can't get enough of it. It's again a wonderful journey into the contemprorary dance music.
    I just thought that you might be interesting, so i wanted to post this here. My friend wrote a song for my independent movie, and the song was inspired by WAR STORIES. you can check it out here.

    the movie is a bit avan-garde and totally independent and the first one. If you interested in that too - you can just e-mail me at aformos@yahoo.com. i just wish to create the same feeling and atmosphere as in music by UNKLE and MASSIVE ATTACK but using the moving iimage. And of course some day make a movie which will have your songs on soundtrack because they incredably cinematic. But i'm sure you know that ))
    Sorry for bothering, hope you visit Russia soon.

  5. It's growing on me slowly. Completely different to my all time fav from Barcelona. But that's why I love you. Hope to see you in Fabric again, very soon :))
    Nadia x