28 May 2009

Good Times!

Sorry for my disappearing act last week but I was immersed in the wonders of rural Ibiza! Myself and Gavin spent an amazing 5 days at my friends house in the hills writing new songs for the album. It was a very special experience having long days, beautiful weather, set in the most exquisite of locations high up looking over the tops of trees, filling in the blanks of songs that we have been penning for the new album. It also allowed me to finish off the Global album and really allowed me to solidify the concept for the record. Essentially a sunset to sunrise experience - I think I mentioned before - but sitting there actually listening back in such an amazing place, it really works in that way.

Hence that is why the album will be set in Bangkok. The perfect sunrise to sunset location. I will be out there playing on June 12th at Club 808. It's going to be a pretty interesting experience as it is definitely going into the unknown for me but think it suits the music perfectly. The release date is July 27th and I will let you know the track listing as soon as it is totally confirmed as I am just waiting for the last of the licensees to be confirmed, but as I said it is a pretty eclectic journey there are some new exclusives by UNKLE including our new Big Pink remix and a track called 'Heavy Drug' which is a instrumental very euphoric club cut which will be on our new album but in a more live form. It also includes records both past and present favorites of mine over the last four years and things that have been recently blowing up the spot!

So from there got back to pretty heavy bank holiday weekend. Brixton on the Saturday - got to say, not really feeling London right now! And then Southampton boat party on the Sunday which has to be one of the best gigs this year. The promoters were fantastic, the atmosphere and people were amazing - I want to thank everyone for coming, especially Rebecca, Andy and the hotel crew! I had such an amazing time, to the point where I didn't come back until the following day. It is definitely what the best of clubbing is all about.

And then back in the studio this week to finish of the last of demos to be sent off to collaborators. Pretty much ground hog day! I think next week we will start getting into putting more vocals down and start taking these tracks to the next stage. We've been also looking at studios to record in, looks like we are going to spend two weeks in Edwyn Collins studio in north London which is analogue heaven. More synths and outboard gear than the empires got storm troopers! I think the plan is to spend the end of July and the beginning of August recording, mixing over September/October and out for February - but don't hold me to it - you know how it goes!

Looking forward to the weekend, playing in Lithuania, Eastern Europe is always a gas. And on a last note Happy Birthday to Lorna.

I thought also you might enjoy a few recent photographs just to add a little bit of colour to my blog, they are from Matthew Puffet, my best friend and long time touring partner who will be keeping us up to date with a bit of tour and studio nonsense. Click on the images below to view more photos.

Birthday Gig in Minsk

High Tide Boat Party, Southampton


Thanks guys have a great weekend and until next week enjoy!

15 May 2009

All Mixed Up

OK, firstly Happy Birthday James Griffith - another year, another day!

So, been manic in the studio the last week putting Global together which I am finishing today - Halleluiah! Two discs, the first is pretty eclectic from Radiohead to James Holden with Doves to The Big Pink. The second CD is more club from Dubfire to Radio Slave. The idea is that it pretty much runs as one continuous DJ set and represents how I play over a 2 and a half hour time period. Pretty happy with it. Just going to live with it over the weekend and hopefully master it next week for a July release. Details of track listing and city to be released soon. You will be the first to know. Oh yeah and there is an exclusive new UNKLE track on there!

Other than that, still working on demos. Hooked up with a great new band this week called Sleepy Sun. Their live show was absolutely amazing - their debut is out now. Thoroughly recommend it! They are like a young Black Mountain. Hopefully we will do some tracks together.

Heard the new 'We Fell To Earth' album - it sounds great. Don't know when it is coming out but it will definitely be worth the wait.

I am off to Dublin tonight to DJ for the first time in a while which hopefully should be good and Ibiza on Sunday with Gavin to spend a week writing new songs and finishing existing tracks that we have worked on. Hopefully it will be productive and inspiring. To be honest with you I can't wait to get out of London for a bit - definitely got studio cabin fever at the moment!

Next week I will be blogging from there so until then have a good one!

08 May 2009

Broken Record

Hey people, hope all is good. I feel a bit like a broken record at the moment! Not much to talk about as all I have been doing is working on demos and Global. We have been making a lot of progress in the studio on the new album. Finishing potential track ideas for collaborators and working on our own songs, I've now got about 6 which I am working on myself. The Black Marquee session went well. It was nice to have a new dynamic in the studio. Needs work but a good start.

Also been trying to plan our schedule of recording, where we are going to record, who with ie engineers and studios etc, I will keep you posted as things develop but looks like we are recording over the end of the summer.

Been working on a Big Pink mix for the mix album which is sounding cool. If you haven't check them out. They are a great new band from London with Robbie Furze on vocals that played guitar on 'End Titles'. I'm going in over the weekend to put the Global album together and then spend the next week tweaking it. Track listing is looking pretty interesting, from Carl Craig to Radiohead. I'll let you know once it's done.

So yeah keeping my head in studio lock down.

Have a nice weekend,

01 May 2009

April Hangovers

The sun is still shining and I am so enjoying the Indian summer. So what is going on in UNKLE world?

Had an amazing weekend with 3D in Napoli, even though I am still convinced that the only reason he took me there is to convert me into a Napoli football supporter - which I have to say he very convincingly achieved! Seeing Inter-Milan versus Napoli at Napoli’s home stadium was one of the most amazing experiences of recent times. The energy and lust for life was truly inspiring. We also ate the most amazing food and drank far too much! Hence my title April hangovers! Ended up coming back on Monday to my best friend’s birthday... the alcohol kept flowing!

On a more creative note..... Demos, demos, demos! In the studio trying to make sense of the madness. We have finally started the collaborative process and worked the last two days with a great UK band, Black Marquee... train spotters alert! Two great kids from the north (the love’s still there!). Like I said in my last blog we are keen to work with new blood and what a great few days it’s been. I’ll keep you posted!

Long weekend (thank fuck for bank holidays!) and then Tuesday I embark on the Global Underground adventure.

Congratulations to Warren and Rachel Du Preez on the birth of their beautiful little girl Tily, what a gorgeous little girl, sending love and light to them all.

Otherwise pretty quiet on the UNKLE front, heads down and rolling on. I will let you know as things progress in the studio.

Have a good one

Love Lavelle