28 August 2009



For those in the USA who have been trying to buy Heavy Drug - here's the low down.

This was meant to have gone on sale in the USA the same day it was released in the UK via Beatport. As far as we were aware this had gone up as planned however upon reading your comments we got our management in the US to check it was definitely available via Beatport before we started directing you to it and subsequently discovered that it wasn't!

We got straight on to our distributor and asked for this to be resolved and have been informed that this is now up.


Thanks for keeping us informed.


21 August 2009



What's up?

My mind has gone into musical meltdown after our West Heath Studio sessions so I'm getting out of dodge for a week for some headspace. Heading to NY with my daughter to catch up with friends hit some new movies (District 9 and Up head the list) and go upstate to the beach for a couple of days and stay away from music for a minute!

When I return I'll fill you in on all the collaborations and where we're at and finally get all the videos and photos up from the recording sessions.

Until then be well,


12 August 2009

Deep In The Trenches...

Deep In The Trenches...

Sorry late again!!! We're currently in mad lock down in West Heath Studios. We have been working like crazy, it's very intense! We have been working on about 17 tracks and recorded vox with myself, Lisa, Gavin, Joel and others!!! We've also been recording all the parts as much as we can whilst we're here with Chris Goss. Whilst it is going well it can be very intense at times; sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind as there is so much going on, particularly knowing that we have to then go back and finish the main and best tracks afterwards so all in all feeling pretty overwhelmed at the moment. I have not had time for any thing else apart from studio lock down recently apart from True Blood series 2 which has been saving my sanity!!!

No it's all good just got to keep focused so bear with me and I'll hit you back when everything has settled down a bit and I'll get all the photos and videos up as soon as I get back into the real world......



05 August 2009


Thank you to everyone for the support. I just heard the awesome news that my Global Underground Bangkok mix comp hit #1 in the US iTunes store!

- James