01 May 2009

April Hangovers

The sun is still shining and I am so enjoying the Indian summer. So what is going on in UNKLE world?

Had an amazing weekend with 3D in Napoli, even though I am still convinced that the only reason he took me there is to convert me into a Napoli football supporter - which I have to say he very convincingly achieved! Seeing Inter-Milan versus Napoli at Napoli’s home stadium was one of the most amazing experiences of recent times. The energy and lust for life was truly inspiring. We also ate the most amazing food and drank far too much! Hence my title April hangovers! Ended up coming back on Monday to my best friend’s birthday... the alcohol kept flowing!

On a more creative note..... Demos, demos, demos! In the studio trying to make sense of the madness. We have finally started the collaborative process and worked the last two days with a great UK band, Black Marquee... train spotters alert! Two great kids from the north (the love’s still there!). Like I said in my last blog we are keen to work with new blood and what a great few days it’s been. I’ll keep you posted!

Long weekend (thank fuck for bank holidays!) and then Tuesday I embark on the Global Underground adventure.

Congratulations to Warren and Rachel Du Preez on the birth of their beautiful little girl Tily, what a gorgeous little girl, sending love and light to them all.

Otherwise pretty quiet on the UNKLE front, heads down and rolling on. I will let you know as things progress in the studio.

Have a good one

Love Lavelle

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  1. Italian wine...so good, innit!

    What a lovely surprise the collaboration with The Black Marquee, looking forward to listen to what you're doing with Jeff Wootton and Steven Young