18 June 2009


Fuck me it has been a mad couple of weeks! Firstly I want to thank everybody that came down to Sankeys in Manchester, that shit blew my mind, crowd were incredible and the atmosphere beyond! Definitely one of the best gigs of the year. I just wanted to reach out to Jeff from Black Marquee, his mother died two weeks ago and I just wanted to send all my love. It was good to see him in Manchester when I was there.

Manchester was then followed by Cluj in Romania for a proper after hour’s underground session, again just one of those really special nights. Got to say though, I am pretty sick of sitting in airports waiting for lay over’s but it is worth it when you get to play in such great places.

The back in the studio, we are writing away, things are moving on, vocals are getting done, tracks are progressing, more keyboards are being bought, bla bla bla. I will keep you posted as soon as there is some more concrete information on what is happening.

Then spent a long weekend in Bangkok for the Global party at Club 808. Had a great time, the club and crowd were awesome. I was so surprised how up for it and eclectic their musical taste was. We did seem a bit cursed though as every time we tried to do photo shoots for the record we were hit by tropical thunder storms. It was a definite assault on the senses for three days. But any way looks like that whole record is wrapped up - cover done, party done - check press for details.

On a record note, watch out for the remix we have done for Big Pink 'Too Young to Love' and our exclusive 'Heavy Drug' track for the comp. They have really been blowing up in the clubs. I am so pleased with the reaction. I hope you are going to dig them.

So there is news RE Surrender Arts. After the last 4 years as some of you may know we have decided to change tactics. No more regular lines, there is a sale currently on the site, I suggest you check it out and as things develop I will let you know what our future projects will evolve. I want to thank all those that have been involved over the last 4 years but as I said we all think it is time for a bit of change.

I want to say a very very very very big thank you to my wonderful assistant Charlene who is sadly moving on to better things. She has put up with me for the past 4 years and I just wanted to send her all my love and wish her well on her journey.

Lastly off to Greece for the weekend, playing with Soulwax which has been a while so really looking forward to that. Thats about it for now - until next time!!

PS - Here are a selection of photos from Manchester - like I said off the hook!

Sankeys, Manchester


  1. Holla, great news! If you're constantly waiting at airports, do you already listen to your new music to see how they work outside the studio? Any chance for some track titles to light the fire, some whoowhoo on one of the new tracks, like what's it like, orchestral, rock, electronic?

  2. hey, i just got BIG into UNKLE sounds, listenin' to 'end titles', 'self-defence' and 'edit music for a film'. I'm a huge fan of cinema myself so I just love the mash-up of sounds and dialogue - dog day afternoon, THX 1138, etc. Brilliant stuff!

  3. Hey James, speaking of shirts, you might wanna check out what my g/f & I have been making (I also posted about this over on the U77 board - as "Joethelion")

    anyways, the shirts look f-ing awesome, are organic (and we use a non-toxic process we perfected) and don't fade / deteriorate like screen printed shirts


  4. Hi! I´m Caro, is there any possibility that you come to Argentina? here you have lot of fans waiting for your shows...
    Hope so.
    Love your music, you are one of the greatest electronic music group of these times.
    I´m graphic designer and many of my works have been designed while listening to your music, thanks for the inspiration. :D