05 June 2009


Firstly I want to apologize to anybody who turned up to T Bar in Liverpool Street last night. Due to a miss communication on our end we confused the dates and put July's provisional date in June by mistake. Again I would like to apologize to anyone who came down and especially to the T Bar. We are looking to re schedule a date in September, hopefully we can make it a special one.

Next - don't go and see Terminator!! What a horror - can't believe how much they fucked that one up!

As far as what's been going on in my life, we've been still writing in the studio, nothing much to say on that level other than we are heads down and cracking on. I wrote a new column for URB which should be out next week. Global has been totally put to bed now so track listing should follow soon.

I've got a really hectic weekend but really looking forward to it. Manchester tonight and Romania tomorrow. Going to be a long one. And then next week I am off to Bangkok to play the Global gig which I am really looking forward to so I will let you know how it goes. As far as everything else all quiet on the western front.

Until next week - Later.

PS There is a couple of shots from where me and Gavin were writing in Ibiza, you can see why we went, the perfect head space for lyrics!

Click on the photo below to view more.

Writing in Ibiza


  1. Hopefully see you this evening JL x

  2. Great post!

    Yet to see Terminator, but had an inkling it was going to be shoddy.
    Aronofsky seems involved in the next Robocop which should be interesting.

    I'd be keen to hear more about what films rock the world of James Lavelle.

    Looking forward to GU Bangkok.

  3. I concur on the Terminator front. What a crock of shit that turned out to be. It was more Wall*e-Meets-Transformers than it was Terminator.

  4. Great spot to get creative, man! I bet one new track might be called "Treehouse of Horror" ... Have a nice time in Bangkok and maybe you can spread the feeling by leaking a DJ mix you did there to your fans ... Dumdeedum ...

  5. Terminator was terrible, don't see that movie!

    Plus, keep up the writing, guys!

  6. The perfect headspace for writing is a Greek island, sea and sun...
    Heaven from End Titles... Stories For Film is the best headspace for me...